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Clickfunnels Review - Free Gift and Webinar Training with Russell Brunson

Sales Funnel Training – Clickfunnels Webinar (Funnel Cloning)

A MUST watch webinar hosted by Russell Brunson giving important training on the effective use sales funnels in your business, and how to easily implement proven high converting ones in your business.

Discover how to increase and multiply your ROI’s while saving time on research, testing, and design. This part of the training has nothing to do with Clickfunnels.

This is by far the easiest and quickest shortcut to sell products and services effectively online, and yes… Clickfunnels is a great tool to help you do that. Besides learning some great secrets to mimic the success of others, you will also get a few gifts for watching.

Russell Brunson gives away 3 of his top sales funnels for you to use in your own business if you choose. One of these funnels at one-time made him as much as $17,000 per day. Yes… it is true!

Clickfunnels Training Webinar

Lead Pages vs Clickfunnels – Which is better?

This Clickfunnels review video is one of the more controversial and more popular videos I have created about Clickfunnels. LeadPages is probably the most famous sales page builder on the market. Like Clickfunnels, it is a fully hosted subscription based service, and at the time is was good at what it did. But no longer.

Like most people, I fell into the trap of buying a 1 year membership and had so much trouble with building the templates and funnels that I wanted, that in the end I through hundreds of dollars down the drain. While Lead Pages is great for basic funnels (separate pages interlinked) its editor is horrendous and you are so confined in with what you can do with the templates that I had to bail.

Clickfunnels truly tries to automate all aspects of your funnel and funnel management. Everything from capturing leads, autoresponder emails, membership and affiliate management, interlinking all funnels pages/steps, and so much more… including way more control over the templates to truly build any type of page that you could ever want… and so much more… and even more coming in late 2015.

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