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If you want to produce an effective marketing campaign your conversion rate is the single most important element to improve. For instance, if your conversion rate for your opt-in pages is only 3%, just increasing it to 6% will double your profits.

What are the best tactics to raising your conversion rate?

  • Get More Targeted Traffic

Start by enhancing the quality of your website traffic.One way to do this is to narrow down your keywords and to get more targeted. As an example, if you’re selling athletic equipment, instead of bidding for key phrases like “basketball” go with more specific versions like “Spalding NBA street basketball.”

Test reducing down on broad phrases and terms which are more likely to be the kind of keywords that people are searching for in the search engines. These “long-tail” keywords tend to have less competition, and less search volume, but they are more targeted buyer keywords.

  •  Use Geo-Targeting and Speak to the Consumer

Let’s say a person living in Newport Beach, CA was wanting to buy a volleyball found your website. Which of these subject lines would be more appealing?

“Get Volleyballs Online Now” or “Get Volleyballs Online, Delivered to Newport Beach in 48 Hours”? Naturally, the last is way more appealing and enticing to someone living in Newport Beach. It speaks directly to them.

  • A/B Split Testing – Test Everything Always!

The only way to truly improve your conversions is to split test often. That means creating multiple versions of your landing, squeeze, or optin pages and seeing which performs better.

If your website traffic is small, begin with standard A/B split tests (two versions) and go from there. Many successful marketers will buy cheap traffic for only $10-$20 dollars to get the data they need to see which performs best.

Then continue testing until the conversions are high enough to justify scaling up their marketing and advertising. Testing includes, page design, images, wording, titles, video, etc. You will be surprised at the results. It is never what you expect.

  • Create an E-mail List

Always do whatever it takes to build your email list. It is by far the best opportunity you have to resell to your customers, or leads that have previous shown interest in your products or services.

Establishing an email list will allow you to build trust and relationships allowing you to advertise other offers even from others earning you a nice commission. If someone has already bought from you, you are giving up huge amounts of future profit, it you don’t nurture your list.

  • Build a Sales Funnel

This site already has enough information on the importance and need for an effective sales funnel, or sales pipeline. Without it all the other elements above will have minimal impact. That is why we recommend Clickfunnels as the only solution you need to do all of the above and to maximize your online marketing efforts. It’s a no-brainer really.

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