What is the cost and price of Clickfunnels?

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This is my favorite Clickfunnels review video. Why? Because it is controversial. Too many times I watch people make business decisions solely based on the ticket price of a product or service. Especially those starting out. But that is ridiculous and down right foolish.

There are so many other factors that must be factored into the decision to buy or pay for a subscription service for any business. But there are some products or services that can and will make or break your chances of being a wannabe vs an online millionaire. It is just a fact.

The only way to win at this game, and the fastest way to do it, is to take it seriously as a business. Whether you work part-time or not, have experience or not, have money or not, live in another country or not, etc… you are building a business. If you treat your online endeavors seriously with vigor, passion, and treating it like a professional business, then success it only a matter of time.

It doesn’t matter what angle you take… whether it is affiliate marketing, CPA, Blogging, Media Buys, SEO, video marketing, arbitrage, selling a product or service, Social Media, etc. All are valid avenues but all require the same.

You need to build a list of contacts, friends, or followers. You need something to promote… and you need to stay focused and create systems to help you scale and grow. That is what Clickfunnels does if used right.

If I only sell 1 extra product or save 1 extra hour of time each month by using Clickfunnels, its cost is priceless, and way better than a WordPress plugin, or some other system that requires you to also have an affiliate system, auto-responder, a way to create a membership portal, all of which Clickfunnels has, full hosted, funnels can be used with WordPress, Facebook, or self-hosted via HTML export.

So can you put a price on that. Lost time figuring out all these systems, or paying tons of people to do the work for you, and having to keep track of so many seemingly independent systems requiring much more time to manage and test, etc. etc. That is why Clickfunnels is so much fun… implemented the right way… not only will it save you tones of money in time and effort, but also in multiplying your revenues and ROI. You cannot put a price on that… not even for a minute!


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