Indepth Drag and Drop Editor Walkthrough Training

Walkthrough of the Clickfunnels page editor to show you how it works

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In this Clickfunnels Review video I go over the Clickfunnels visual drag and drop editor. It is extremely functional with some advanced tools included. In this video I show you just how easy it is to edit and build amazing sales funnel pages with many cool features. Since the recording of this video review they have added even more elements as they call it.

Mastering the editor truly only take a few minutes. Once you understand how pages are structured with sections, rows, columns, and content elements the rest is easy. Each of those sections are highlighted with different colors and each have their own unique areas that can be manipulated to get your desired results.

It is also important to know that in Clickfunnels, the different template pages have different functions built into them and also different elements that you can add or edit based on the role of that page. So for instance a lead generation or optin page functions differently than a downsell or OTO page. Just like a membership page, sales page, or product order page all have unique capabilities so when you add them to your funnel they automatically do what they are supposed to.

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