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What is Clickfunnels™ (and what is all the fuss all about)?

Without a well thought-out and properly designed sales funnel or marketing funnel it is literally impossible to become ultra successful online. I am talking about breaking the 6-7 figure mark.

It does not matter if your a brick and mortar business, an affiliate marketer, or you are just trying to sell your own products or services online. To put it simply, an optimized sales funnel helps you maximize, and multiply, your profits and marketing ROI exponentially.

Watch our Clickfunnels™ Review videos to see why Clickfunnels™ is your one-stop solution to build, design, track, test, and create state-of-the-art sales funnels that could include lead capture pages, sales and video pages, webinar registration and replay systems, product launch sequences, and entire membership and product delivery websites… and that is just for starters!

What sets Clickfunnels™ apart from the competition besides its ease of use, abundance of high converting mobile optimized templates for almost every need, and its drag and drop interface to interlink your funnel pages to save a lot of headaches and time, and its state-of-the-art visual editor to customize any page with ease, is the fact that it is literally a one-stop solution. It eliminates the need for many other necessary business systems and 3rd party tools.

Clickfunnels also features its own full-blown e-commerce system to handle your orders, A/B split testing for maximum conversions and optimized funnels steps, lead and traffic tracking throughout the entire funnel, it captures all contacts, segments them based on their actions, and also can send scheduled emails to your leads or buyers, manages affiliates who want to market your products or services, and so much more.

Of course, it also integrates with most of your favorite existing 3rd party services (including Aweber, GetReponse, Constant Contact, PayPal, Stripe, Infusionsoft, 1Shopping Cart, etc, etc.), and the whole system is hosted on super fast enterprise class servers. Your funnels are also ready to publish to your existing domains, or WordPress website, Facebook fanpages, and hosted on your own servers using the HTML export function.

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Then just login, select your funnel goals, have it pre-setup your funnels steps, choose a templates for each page, tweak the design and content with the drag and drop editor, and easily build out your entire lead capture and sales process. No technical skills required!

Clickfunnels achieves what most of the competitors have failed to do. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself for free here and get access to my exclusive bonuses if you choose to buy. We have tried them all, literally, and nothing comes close.

Please, make sure to browse around this site for more Clickfunnels review videos and also articles on why sales funnels are critical to your online success.


How much does Clickfunnels cost? What is its price?

Clickfunnels pricing and cost is irrelevant. Get your trial and test it first. It is as cheap as $97 per month but value and price is relative to your end goal. Nothing comes close to Clickfunnels™, nothing. Not Lead Pages, OptimizePress, WP Profit Builder, InstaPages, InstaBuilder, etc.

Compared to the cost of other leading solutions, not to mention the savings in time and effort with it handling all aspects of your sales and conversion process, it is worth any price.

Trust me… this is coming from experience as a 20 year web development and online marketing veteran. Think of it this way… if you cannot sel a couple of low cost product to cover your monthly fee, then you should not be in business. Period.

Just think about the money saved in time and headaches alone. How much is your time worth? $20, $50, $100, $400, $1000 per hour?

About the Clickfunnels creator

Russell Brunson is an innovator and marketing genius who runs multiple multi-million dollar businesses. He has mentored and coached hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and business owners to help them take their online businesses to levels they never thought possible. Click funnels is his solution to an ever-growing need and gap in the marketplace… and the support and training is just as good as the product itself.

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